Time is flying by as I live my life trying not to think about cancer and thankfully, as the medication is doing it’s job, I don’t have to think about it too much.

My oncology team decided back in October 2014 that they wanted to check me up every 3 months instead of 6. Nothing scary they said, just to be on the safe side. I have never been looked after and checked on so much. Now I get a CT scan of the chest and pelvic area every 3 months and add to that a visit with the Haematology specialist also every 3 months and it would be hard for anything to slip by. Anyway, my last check up was early Feb and the Oncology registrar had a massive grin on her face. Now, that’s always a much better welcome than that grim, serious face they have to put on to tell you the news aren’t so good. Amazing what power a smile from your doctor has in lifting the rock in your stomach. Although I have been feeling fine, I still get nervous when I go to have my test results. Apart from the PE (pulmonary embolism) incident, I have never really felt ill so feeling fine is not always telling.
Right in she told me it was good news. Excellent news even, as most of the lesions on my lungs have disappeared and the couple that are still visible on the scan, they had to really look for them to find them! I was told before that I am not curable so I have to remain on my treatment for the rest of my life but it is so good to know that the treatment is working! To everyone out there who are still struggling or who have been given the scary news that your breast cancer is back or that you have mets…it’s definitely not the end. I met a woman in the waiting room and hers had gone to her spine. She was on the same treatment as me and had for the last 6 years and was doing great.

So I am feeling pretty upbeat and relaxed and happy. Life is good.