I received an email from someone from a website called http://www.healthline.com as she had read some of my posts and wanted me to share one of theirs on some of the effects of chemotherapy on the body.

This email reminded me that it had been a very long time since I had posted any updates. Funny how when things are going well I don’t feel the need to share it as much. I apologise for that as most people who read other ‘cancer’ blogs could probably do with good, positive posts.

So before I share with you the not so happy post about some of the most dreadful side effect of chemotherapy, I want to tell you all that despite the fact that I am not curable (at this point in medicine development) I am doing really well.

Yes, I do have some of those long lasting pesky side effects but the most important is that I am here, I can live my life pretty much just as well as before and the mets that are the reason for why I can’t be cured are kept under control. My quality of life is not worse (and I’d say maybe even better) than someone with diabetes.

I have been doing so well that the doctors have decided that I only need to have a CT scan every 6 months now (next one is due early November) and aside from the pain that I have in my hands and feet, I really don’t think about cancer any more than before…well I do a little because there are ads about it everywhere but it feels like something that happened in another life.

I moved on. I bought my first flat, I filled it with things I love, learned to DIY few bits, I am getting my bathroom redone (something that my budding DIY skills can’t cope with) and I got myself a kitten – I am totally smitten by the little guy, Basil.

Work is ok. I enjoy it whilst I am in the office and don’t think about it when I am home. When I got sick I realise that I didn’t really want to put more energy and effort in trying to compete in the rat race so I am quite happy to plod along. I am making enough money to live well without worrying about end of month.

My love life is still inexistant but I don’t mind. I sometimes miss having someone to hang out with at the weekend or to travel with but otherwise my friends, family and the cat are keeping me loved up. I don’t have the energy to go looking for love so unless it comes knocking on my door, I’ll be the catwoman and be content with it.

Not having any children is not so hard, especially when I hear how tired my friends are constantly. I get to be the cool aunty who has fun with them, give them cool presents and then gets to go home to cuddle with the cat and a glass of wine…not so bad after all.

There is life after cancer…there is even life with cancer and that’s important for anyone affected by cancer to know. It’s not all roses but it’s manageable.

Now as promised, if you want to know what other side effect you can ‘look forward’ to after (or during) chemotherapy, check out this post


I personally suffer a few of them actually which could also be side effects from the medication I have to take (for the rest of my life) to keep it at bay:

  • Fertility
  • Menopause
  • Swollen hands and feet
  • Osteopenia (lower bone density)
  • loss of hair (whilst on chemo, now it’s all back and better than before!)
  • Nails (mine went yellow and started to come unstuck…yuck)
  • Mouth sores (went after I stopped)
  • Tiredness

Those I never got: loss of appetite, depression, bladder issues, nausea (except for once)… I am sure there are some other effects that come more ‘tailored’ to who is getting it depending on their actual health and whether or not they have other problems… It is a sad thing that the drugs you have to take to save your life can screw up your body more.

Now, to dampen this depressive discussion… here is Basil 🙂