yes, you read right!

It might not be Friday for you, but it is for me as tomorrow, I have the day off!!! Woohoo… and I am not sorry.

It’s my birthday on Sunday and it’s the first time I am not looking forward to it. I have always celebrated my birthday whether with a big party (for the big’uns) or at least a pub lunch and  few nights drinking.

Not this year. I am a little blue about turning 42 (eek!) and not really in the mood to try to coordinate all my friends’ kids nap time. So instead, as I had some carry over holiday days, I have booked Friday off. I got given some beauty voucher which I could redeem for a massage at a local salon at Christmas, so I have booked myself for a 1h30 aromatherapy oil massage in the afternoon.

I have offered my DIY services to a friend on Saturday and I am letting another friend take me to brunch at Browns on Sunday…Now that I think of it, sounds a little bit like I am celebrating my birthday…just not how I normally do 🙂

So if today is also your Friday, TGIF my friend…if not, well don’t look too much at my #smugface and see you on the other side.