or how such a title set the internet on fire today

I read this piece of crap today (and its much more satisfying reply) and all I could think of is ‘fuck off’. I don’t normally swear much but every single click on that countdown made me say that.

I then read the response to it and I went ‘fuck yeah’…more swearing, really? Yeah.

Then I had to make an admission to myself, which I have decided to share here.

I have done this. Not publicly of course but I have sometimes commented on the ‘wrongness’ of what some other woman (it’s always another woman) was wearing: too revealing, too young, too old, too bold, too see-through, blah blah…and now after reading both and since I have been following the most excellent podcasts from www.guiltyfeminist.com, I realise how bad I have been.

Seeing it in print as ‘don’t’ list made my hackles stand up. How dare she tell me what I can and cannot wear? Yet in the privacy of my own life I would make those exact same judgement calls on others…what a hypocrite I have been.

I will try to be a better person, a more tolerant and open one.