or a young woman's journey through breast cancer

Needle this, Needle that…

or the Power of Acupuncture.Those who have been following me for a while will know that I am not a spiritual person. I am firm atheist (sorry if that offends you) and have strong beliefs in science and technology. The... Continue Reading →

Life as I know it

A good soul just reminded me that it had been a while since I had posted. Last time (June 2014), I had just gotten the news that my new meds combo (Letrozole/Femara + Zoladex) was doing the tricks in keeping... Continue Reading →


First of all, I want to thank all the kind people who sent me their best wishes, positive thoughts and prayers yesterday when I had a wobble. It means a lot and it helps I can promise you. Second of... Continue Reading →


Today I am getting my results from my last CT. Today I will know if the last six months of new meds have done their job. Today, for the first time since I have started this roller-coaster of tests and... Continue Reading →

The 6 months check

It has been roughly six months since my last post...sorry about that. I needed to not think about it too much whilst I was waiting for the time for my check up scan. What has happened in six months? Well,... Continue Reading →

Sucker Punched

***Warning: swearing involved in this post *** I had my full chest/pelvic area CT scan done last week and my bone scan was yesterday. In between my radioactive dye injection and the scan, my oncology team had booked me in... Continue Reading →

What the Blood Doctor said…

I went for my first post pulmonary embolism (PE) follow up yesterday. Since my hospitalisation I have been on Clexane 120mg which I have to inject daily in my belly fat (believe, there is plenty to go around there, thankfully).... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year…?

I had originally planned to do a small post to wish everyone a Happy New Healthy Year 2014 as for me that was the have a hospital free year, especially that in a week I am turning the big... Continue Reading →

To My Girl

I am not a crier…but this made me cry….much. A beautiful song, a beautiful tribute and inspiring pep talk…for those not so lucky.

Playing Your Hand Right

One of my followers is very sick America. She has been following me for a very long time and picked me up when I thought of quitting. Watching her fight the same curse my father died from has inspired me. You see America my father just gave up. He quit his meds, turned grey, went from 256 to 90, slipped into a coma and died. He lost faith in himself and died of shame. But not my girl. She is a climber in a literal sense and her hanging from a cliff should be hanging in every men’s room if you catch my drift. We need to be reminded that people are always backing us and that its only over when we quit. However we shouldn’t be afraid because we only lose once in this life, but after we are gone our writing stays. Long after statues fall, Empires crumble…

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